Cross Sections

Hat Project Data Processing and Interpretation:

Drill cores are processed on site by various procedures that include recording all rock types, alteration and mineralization, and sampling. Samples are prepared by sawing: half-cores are packaged in plastic sample bags for shipment to an accredited, independent analytical laboratory. Remaining half-cores are stored on the property where they are available for further study and/or sampling. At the analytical laboratory core samples are crushed and a portion is pulverized and digested in a four-acid solution, followed by induced coupled plasma fusion (ICP) and emission spectrographic analysis for either 33 or 52 elements. Doubleview and the laboratory observe rigourous quality control and quality assurance protocols, including insertion of duplicate samples, standards and blanks, in order to maintain a very high degree of accuracy and reproducibility.

Drill core analytical data are added to the Doubleview database library of all exploration information, and using best-obtainable computer-aided methods, plotted on various vertical sections and in conceptual models.  Shareholders and others are advised of latest data and, if appropriate, latest interpretation, by periodic timely News Releases.