Investment Advantage

Doubleview is the leader of mineral exploration in the Northwest British Columbia with the discovery of a Gold-rich Porphyry Copper Deposit, announced in 2014. From initial acquisition of the Hat Property in 2011, the Company, with weak finances and very low market cap., has proven a significant resource with open-ended potential. From 2013 to 2015, in a time of extremely depressed public markets, the management and staff of the company have proven that hard work and persistence combined with technically solid assets can produce exceptional success. Doubleview entered the market place with approximately $450,000 capitalization and in less than two years has grown to a multimillion dollars market cap. and is poised to continue to  grow at an accelerating pace.

The following factors position Doubleview at unique level for rapid growth:

  • Proven management and exploration teams have combined to take a grass-roots prospect to an important discovery,
  • Company has maximized its investment in drilling operations while maintaining minimal levels of overhead burdens,
  • Field operations have consistently pushed the limits of seasonal operations to allow drilling from March through to December and consistently have achieved exceptional cost performance,
  • Doubleview has grown its market recognition by maintaining a dynamic program of public relations and media exposure and has become a major player in mineral exploration in BC and  Canada,
  • Each drilling program has been successful in increasing the size and grade of the Lisle mineral zone of the Hat Porphyry Deposit,
  • The Hat Project’s alkalic copper-gold porphyry joins a relatively small number of such exceptional deposits that includes, among others, Mt Polley, Red Chris and Copper Mountain in British Columbia, Skouries in Greece, and Ridgeway and Goonumbla in Australia,
  • Doubleview employs a dynamic management style that emphasizes a flexible results-driven approach that enables optimal deployment and efficient use of financial resources,
  • The Hat Project is located in northwestern British Columbia, a vast underexplored area with great potential for discovery and development of base and precious metal resources.