Investment Advantages


Management offers investors a track record of exploration success, including the company’s productive discovery, drilling and exploration campaign at the Hat Project. Doubleview’s President and CEO Farshad Shirvani was a Director of Barkerville Gold Mines for 7 years which was bought out by Osisko’s Gold Royalties Ltd. negotiated several option agreements and .

Insider Holdings

Management and insiders hold significant share percentage of total shares issued and outstanding shares. Institutional and family offices hold ~40,000,000 shares.  

Long-Term Strategy

Continue drilling at the Hat Project, fund further exploration through positive results, Doubleview is poised to provide its first resource estimation for the Hat Deposit.

Hat Project: A Serious Opportunity

Invest in the Hat Project: Uncover the Hidden Treasures of Copper, Cobalt, Scandium, Gold, Platinum Group Metals, Nickel, and Zinc, offering Investors a Rare Opportunity for Portfolio Expansion and Long-Term Value Generation.

A Promising Investment Opportunity with Metal-Rich Discoveries and Diversified Mineral Potential, positioning Doubleview Gold Corp at the forefront of wealth generation in the mining industry.

Wealth of High-Quality Data Plus Infrastructure

The Hat Project: Backed by an Abundance of State-of-the-Art Data and Expert Interpretations, offering Investors Unparalleled Confidence in its Potential for Mineral Discoveries and Returns.

Confidence in the Hat Project: Benefit from Ample High-Quality Data and Insights, meticulously analyzed by Top Scientists in the Mining Industry, paving the way for Informed Investment Decisions and Maximizing Shareholder Value.

Doubleview, Proven Track Record Demonstrated in Shareholder value since its Inception

Doubleview Gold Corp: A Proven Track Record of Increasing Shareholder Value, Demonstrating Consistent Growth and Performance since Inception, making it an Attractive Choice for Investors seeking Long-Term Returns.

Discover the Strength of Doubleview: Backed by a Resilient and Skilled Management Team, Driving the Company’s Success and Steady Increase in Value, positioning Doubleview as a Trustworthy and Rewarding Investment Opportunity

Golden Triangle

One of North America’s premier regions for mineral exploration and mining, BC’s Golden Triangle hosts numerous mines and advanced, large-scale targets. The Hat Project is situated in an accessible part of the Golden Triangle on relatively flat ground with more favourable weather conditions, nearby road access and year-around water supply.

Very Large Target Area

The current mineral target area is very large, now at 2k x 3k, validated by HudBay’s IP survey and Doubleview’s drilling. The target ranks amongst the largest of the Golden Triangle.

Polymetallic Target at Hat

Exploration has identified at least 12 metals at the Hat Project, eight of which are on the critical metals lists of both Canada and the U.S.

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