Community Relations

Building a good relationship with our stakeholders is a business priority for Doubleview Gold Corp. 

Doubleview is committed to a respectful dialogue with local governments and stakeholders on a broad range of mutual interests and benefit-sharing. Dr. John Belhumeur is Doubelview’s community engagement and relations manager.

Dr. John Belhumeur

Dr. John Belhumeur

Dr. John Belhumeur is the Founder and publisher of The Aboriginal Miner a partnership with the Prospector Resource Investment News. John is an accomplished publisher, miner, and adviser to “First Nations, Industry and Government”. Belhumeur is well known throughout the mining, forestry and petroleum industry, as well as resource development communities and Government & Aboriginal nations in North America.

Coming from St. Lazare and Pine Creek Manitoba, his Cree /Ojibwa ancestry gives him first-hand knowledge of the Indigenous experience, lending him a deeper understanding of issues facing Aboriginal people today in society and workplace. John believes in protecting the environment first and foremost through the use of Traditional, Ecological Knowledge and sustainable mineral development.

To date, Dr. Belhumeur has spent 30 years consulting and developing projects, which involve Aboriginal citizens & industry and government. Belhumeur has worked on many projects from the EIA process to the construction phase, then to the operation phase of a mine. Dr. Belhumeur was one of the first publishers to endorse mining, hydro, oil & gas, alterative energy, and other resource development projects in Canada, believing that it would bring employment, training and prosperity to Indigenous communities.


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