Doubleview Gold Corp. is a Dynamic and proactive Canadian resource exploration and development company located in Vancouver British Columbia. Doubleview is publicly traded on the TSX-Venture Exchange [TSX-V: DBG], [OTCQB: DBLVF],  [GER: A1W038]. Doubleview identifies unique opportunities and mining exploration projects in North America to generate wealth for its shareholder. Doubleview has demonstrated quality and integrity through hard work, persistence and strategic investment in the right project, to provide valuable commodities to the future world market.

Doubleview endeavours to increase the odds of exploration success and to mitigate investment risk through diversification. Doubleview’s announcement of the Gold Rich Porphyry Copper Discovery on its Hat project in Northwestern British Columbia sparked interest in the Company and this part of the famous Golden Triangle. Doubleview continues aggressive exploration on its Hat Project and plans to advance its other projects in 2022, following a very successful drilling program in 2021 at its 100% owned Hat Polymetallic deposit.

Scandium is a rare earth metal found in a variety of minerals and is used for a number of industrial applications, including military and aerospace applications. Its primary industrial use is in aluminum alloys, which are used in the production of high-strength components for aircraft, automotive, and other industries. In recent years, scandium has been gaining attention for its potential role in the green energy transition. Specifically, scandium is being studied as an additive in aluminum alloys to produce a lightweight and high-strength material that can be used in the production of electric vehicles (EVs).

Aluminum scandium alloys are much lighter and stronger than traditional aluminum alloys, making them ideal for use in the production of EVs. These alloys can produce components that are lighter and stronger than ones made from traditional aluminum, which can result in greater efficiency and improved performance in electric vehicles. Additionally, an aluminum scandium alloy can help reduce the amount of energy needed for the production of an electric vehicle, resulting in a lower carbon footprint.

The use of scandium in the green energy transition is still in the early stages, and more research is needed to understand the full potential of scandium in producing aluminum alloys for use in electric vehicles. However, it holds great promise as a material that can be used to reduce the weight and increase the strength of components used in the production of EVs, while also helping to reduce their carbon footprint. As such, scandium is a promising material for investors to watch as the green energy transition continues to evolve.

Overall, scandium is an essential element for the sustainable energy transition due to its ability to reduce the production costs of EVs and increase the efficiency of solar cells. Investors should therefore take note of the potential of scandium and the aluminum-scandium alloy in the energy transition.