Porphyry copper-gold deposits form in a variety of volcanic environments, most commonly in continental margins and intra-oceanic arcs. These are large scale magmatic-hydrothermal systems associated with a series of porphyritic intrusions, which result in extensive alteration footprints that we map and model to target high grade copper-gold mineralization. As in Ridgway Australia (Wilson et al 2003) and Red Chris in Canada (Norris, 2012) , the Hat porphyry deposits form in clusters introducing a unique pattern of alteration, mineralization and geometry. Modeling the geological framework and alteration distribution is underway for our exploration targeting and drilling programs.

The following video presentations demonstrate general characteristics of porphyry copper gold systems.

Video 1 : How Porphyry Deposits Formed

Video 2 : Understanding Porphyry Deposit Size

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